Our Objective

Give your business the Explosive marketing edge of full Social Media exposure, without the headache and use of your valuable manpower.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t deal with routine frustrations over marketing your business using Social Media. Let us enhance your online presence using our expertise and resources, for creating, updating, and monitoring your social media. Social Media Management is our core offering. You know your business best, but we know social media marketing.
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Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing? Because it works! With our email marketing service, you can: Connect with your existing customers Build relationships with potential customers Expand your reach by sharing to Facebook and Twitter Bring visitors to your website
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Text Mobile Marketing

Text Mobile Marketing When considering the launch of a new business or attempting to grow a business, use of text message mobile marketing helps. The following industries are taking advantage of texting messages for mobile marketing.
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Are you at a loss as to how to make the most of your Facebook business account to gain optimum financial benefits? We can help! With billion subscribers, Facebook offers your company an incredible opportunity to increase potential customers. Via our social media management firm, you can expand your business exponentially to reap profitable results.
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Business owners under-estimate the impact Twitter can have on their profits. Consequently, they are missing out on an effective way to broaden their customer base and bring in repeat business. The reality is, people are more likely to use businesses they have a personal connection with, and social media is an excellent way to make that happen.
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You Tube

YouTube is a place where people from all over the world can share and watch videos. The popularity of YouTube has increased drastically over the past few years, which is why many companies are using YouTube to increase brand awareness and generate more traffic. If you are trying to attract more clients for your company, then YouTube is the perfect place for that.
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Additional Media Services

  • Google+

    If you're already on-board with your personal profile, fantastic. Now let's cover some of the great benefits of creating a Google+ Business Profile.
    • Your customers and potential customers are already on there with Gmail accounts
    • Less users = less competition
    • Google+ allows for more direct and personal relationships
    • Unique functionality of hangouts (live video chats)
    • Future integration with other Google products
    • Potential big impact on search engine page results
    What we do
    Create Google Plus Business Page
    Updates per month
    Add circles per month
    Plus 1 activity per month
  • Are you trying to increase the visibility of your website?

    If so, you should consider creating a blog for your site.

    Do you already have a blog?

    If so, it’s a good idea to start making the effort to maintain that blog.

    The benefits of blogging are numerous and make it well worth the effort on your part. If you’re website doesn't have a blog or you've allowed your blog to fall by the wayside, here are just a few important reasons that your website needs to have an active blog.

    What we do....
    Keyword Articles created per month Aticles Uploaded to Blogs Blog Post Optimized with Keywords, Snippet Description, Meta-Tags, Pictures,


  • Pinterest had an estimated 3.3 million unique visitors. While there's no mechanism for potential customers to buy your products directly from the site, consider the marketing potential: Popular images (with links back to the original source) can get repinned on hundreds of other users' boards.
    What we do
    Following Boards
    Custom Pin Creation
  • Why Social Bookmarking?

    Social bookmarking is one of the top three link building strategies. You will be able to improve your website’s Google ranking by improving your link popularity through social bookmarking.
    What we do
    Social Bookmarking Accounts Created
    Submit content to social bookmarking sites
    Submissions with Power Profiles
  • Many businesses are yet to fully capitalize on this remarkable tool for their online marketing and promotional needs. Use brand power — your brand, your company brand, your industry brand:  LinkedIn is the perfect environment to leverage ‘brand power’. Remember there’s your brand, your company brand and your industry brand. Promote and connect all three and watch relationships grow.
    If you or your business has a regularly updated blog, LinkedIn is a great way to share and promote it. Users are able to add a blog or website to their individual profile in order to give it exposure.
    What we do
    LinkedIn Account Creation (Personal Profile)
    Profile Keyword Optimization
    LinkedIn Invitations per month
    Status Updates per month
    Group Distribution Posts


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